Sunday, February 10, 2013

macaron by patisse

I'm a big fan of macarons but unfortunately there's not too many stores around in Spring, Texas. However, near Rice, there are at least 5 stores that sell macarons! Macaron by Patisse just opened up in River Oaks so I had to check it out. I stopped here after lunch today and blew about $17 on macarons - they're $2.25 per macaron which is a little expensive than its competitors. The shop decorations and in-store marketing were so trendy - I love well made logos and boxes!

The macaron flavor choices were numerous and interest - I got salted caramel, lavendar white chocolate, green tea, passion fruit, rose and vanilla bean. However, the strong taste took a while to kick in and the texture was little too dry in the middle. Overall, it's a little expensive for macarons that taste great but feel a little dry - in my opinion! I still recommend it though!

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