Friday, June 14, 2013

Kagehashi Japan (Day 10)

Tokyo Fish Market | Cat Cafe

During our last day in Tokyo (sad face), a couple of us woke up bright and early to look at dead fish. Ok, more excitingly, we went to the famous Tokyo Fish Market where fisherman prepare their catch at around 3 in the morning to sell to chefs in the city. By the time we got there, the market was open to normal consumers.

Stalls upon stalls of dead fish carcasses. Definitely not for the feint of heart or seafood haters.

This was just too cool looking. The man selling the octopi was also able to speak English. I was quite impressed.

We were told by one of my friend's brother that we had to try the sushi around the fish market. "Life-changing" was what he called it. The shop we went to was pretty touristy...We weren't allowed to take pictures of the chef (like that would stop me) and everyone had to buy over $5 worth of food.

And I blew about $20 - Yikes. It was good though and I finally tried sea urchin. I still prefer the super cheap good sushi in the city.

At noon, we checked out of our hotel in Shinjuku and made our way to a little island that was still a part of Tokyo where we had lunch in a huge mall. This was the scenery outside our restaurant - so modern!

I don't even know exactly what this is but it sure is hi-tech!

My friend, TC, with his newly acquired tongue shirt from Harajuku. He can use it to scare American children and adults alike.

More karaage!

As our final hours in Japan, we visited a cat cafe.

For $10, we got a tiny cup of tea and one hour access to about 30 cats in a cute enclosed area.

Though one of the cutest experiences ever, I wish these cats weren't all asleep...

Outside the cat area was a cute cat souvenir and pet supply shop. This was truly a fuzzy and fitting way to end our 10 day trip in Japan.

USA-bound after a truly amazing experience! (You know I'm traveling somewhere because I took a picture of an airplane wing superimposed on some pretty landscape.)

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