Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kagehashi Japan (Day 6)

Chiba University | Parco Department Store

On the sixth day, we visited Chiba University to get a glimpse of student life. Chiba University is the sister school to Rice University, and I noticed some similarities between the two schools. Their campus is also draped in overhanging foliage along the roads. It also has a small charming feel to it. 

A poster calling for students to volunteer in showing Rice University and U. Wisconsin around campus. The students who came were super nice and easy to talk to. We bonded over anime among other thing. 

The library.

 After our campus tour, we watched student presentations from the different clubs. This one is Iai-do Circle, a Japanese swords club that focuses more on patterns/style as opposed to sparring (which is more Kendo). Their uniforms are so sleek and cool!

Lunch at the cafeteria. They had all sorts of yummy donburis, or rice bowls. I got the Katsu-don with Yakisoba and Karaage!

After lunch, we were given taster classesI chose history of Chiba University, which turned out to be a lot more interesting than I imagined. Apparently during 1911, Chiba's president allowed 40 Chinese international students to return to China to help with the revolution - the teachers even gave these students medical lessons for the battlefield. One year later, the students resumed their studies and some went on to find medical schools in China. I thought this anecdote was very heartwarming especially in such tenuous times between China and Japan. My second taster class was the globalization of Hello Kitty - covering the economic and political impact of Sanrio's Hello Kitty. She serves as several countries' Japanese ambassador because who could hate such a cute cat!

Students from both of the American universities giving their thanks as we departed for the day.

After dinner, a couple of us girls trekked back to Parco, a giant fashion mall in Chiba. The assortment of clothes sold there and the prices varied alot. One of my favorite stores in Parco was Bleu Bleuet which sold cute wallets, stationary and curios!

I was so excited when I found an actual lolita store in Japan after only being able to see the products online - this one is Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I window shopped a little and found the cutest bunny plush but alas, it was extremely expensive. Yikes!

A cool home-living store/cafe.

I also found Decora brand, Swimmer filled with colorful knick knacks decorated with cute kitschy animals/prints. These prices were really reasonable but I had no use for any of the products.

We ended the day with crepes at Lavax2Be! They had an inside sitting room that was showing Despicable Me so we chilled there till closing time. What was really crazy was that outside the bathroom, there were makeup stations for girls to reapply their makeup. 

My purchases from Chiba U. and Blue Bleuet.

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