Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kagehashi Japan (Day 9) Part II

Emperor's Palace | Mitsubishi Corporation | Shibuya

Continuing off the last post, we headed to the Emperor's Palace after lunch in Harajuku. Simultaneously a bunch of middle schoolers were visiting at the same time, so we grabbed a quick photo with them after noticing how curiously they were look at us.  

In front of the emperor's palace. We weren't allowed inside but the koi pond moat background was majestic enough for us!

Before visiting Japan, I had no idea that Mitsubishi did more than just cars. I've come to discover that they're a huge player in a multitude of industries including fashion! It really piqued my interest and I'll be adding the company to my job application list.

Herb & black vanilla ice cream.

Shabu Shabu - Japanese hot pot for dinner.

A music video shoot was going on in Harajuku. I could tell it was a girl group, but had no idea who they were - if only I could ask the busy managers trying to shoo the crowd away. They've used these stairs for so many music videos, including one by

After much protest from the guys I was with, I finally convinced them to walk from Harajuku to Shibuya's scramble crossing. After recently playing World Ends with You, an RPG that takes place all over Shibuya, I had to check it out before leaving Japan. Since it's nighttime and not rush hour, we didn't really feel the iconic "crowded-ness" of the streets. 109, a young people's department store, was closed as well. We were about to head back to Shinjuku, when my group ran into Sally, another girl from Kagehashi. She was out with her Japanese friends drinking so we decided to join them, ironically at an English pub (which are very popular in Tokyo). Nevertheless, I'm glad to have experienced Shibuya's young nightlife atmosphere!

Hachiko's statue.

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