Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kagehashi Japan (Day 5)

Makuchari Flea Market

As a show of goodwill and student exchange, the Kagehashi group volunteered at KUIS (Kanda University of International Studies)'s international festa and Makuchari event. 

What is Makuchari?
The name “Makuchari” comes from Makuhari Charity-Flea market, and is modeled on the charity shop in the UK called Oxfam, which has the largest number of charity shops (recycle shops.) This charitable event started to be held at KUIS (Kanda University of International Studies) in 2005 for the purpose of fundraising through the flea market.

Originally, I was allotted to Kid's items but I quickly switched to my more favorite category, fashion.

Our booth for fashion accessories with prices ranging from $1-$30. The Japanese students at my booth were so kind and spoke a little English. I was able to bond with them through naming Japanese brands that I liked, such as Liz Lisa and Rirandture. They also taught me how to say "irasshaimase" which is a form of respect to customers. I kept pronouncing it wrong though...

 I helped organize the bags based on their prices. Once finished, I couldn't help but treasure hunt for accessories while the guys in my group stood around talking to Japanese girls (ofufufu).  Some grannies mistook me as a Japanese student and kept asking me what the prices were. Fortunately, I understand "ikura desu-ka?" and was able to reply back with a number! Language success!

I went crazy when I saw the sheer amount of donated clothes and other goods. Some were really high quality items for super cheap. 

Linh-tran and Sally at the special goods stall!

Chiba-kun! This Clifford look-a-like is Chiba prefecture's adorable mascot. I heard it actuallygot voted as one of the ugliest mascots in Japan but I think it's cute!

This is actually pretty cool. There's a reason why Chiba-kun's nose is extraordinarily long.

Awww. End of the day farewells to the KUIS students. They were so patient and kind to us! 

I spent over $100 at Makuchari, but I'm super happy with my purchases because of the sheer value I'm getting from purchasing second-hand and the charitable cause. 

+ Liz Lisa floral sweater
+ No Brand polka dot blouse
+ MySuelly Clutch

The clutch was originally $420 and I got it for $50! What a steal!

Some cute gold jewelry I boughtas well. The bracelet is for my mom and made by a Spanish Designer called Anton Heurnis as part of his Inca Goddess collection.

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