Saturday, May 4, 2013

London (Day 2)

Borough Market | Tower of London | Tower Bridge | Eye of London

When Box Rabbit first started out, it was meant to be a fashion blog but I've developed it into a blog that collects my experiences through photos and description. Rather than just posts of my outfits, I want it to reflect the multitude of different things that intrigue me whether it be fashion, art, travels, food etc.

So here's Day 2 of my London Trip.

Photos taken from official Borough Market gallery. They don't belong to me.

It was Saturday so we planned to go to the Borough Market, an open-air market that had lots of fresh produce and ready-made foods. After visiting the market, I have the impression that all the food in England is very fresh and made with better ingredients. 

Cheese cones! These were both cute and delicious.

I tried an Apple and Elderflower juice.

 I spent $8 on this small dish but it was so worth it for 3 delectable bacon dusted scallops.

One thing I love about these markets is that all the food is cooked right in front of you.

Steak and ale pie & mash - it's so simple but so delicious, especially on a cold day.

 We ate outside in the courtyard of a cathedral.

Cute picture! :)

After lunch in the Borough Market, we crossed London Bridge and checked out the Tower of London. Outfit post was taken outside the entrance.

Tower Bridge
 From all these pictures, you can probably speculate that we did a lot of walking that day. We crossed the Thames twice using two different bridges and walked along the riverside. Before the trip, I always has the impression that London was always foggy and rainy but the past two days have been all blue skies with bearable weather.

Originally, we planned to walk from the Tower Bridge to the Eye and end the day there but I got lazy so we took the river clipper. Here we are riding the Eye at the topmost point. The capsules had Samsung Galaxy Notes line around the rim that showed us a panoramic map of what we were seeing - Oh technology!

Look at that view!

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