Monday, May 6, 2013

London (Day 4)

Harrod's (Tea Time, Laduree)

On Monday, we started the day off visiting the National Gallery so we woke up super early to make sure there was enough daylight to do everything. There are no pictures from there because you weren't allowed to take photos. Have I already talked about my excitement for being able to recognize many of the paintings in the Gallery?

Afterwards, we took the bus to Knightsbridge and visited Harrod's, Europe's largest department store, chock full of expensive main brand wear. Needless to say, our visit was mostly for the tourist value. The inside was beautiful each brand got their own decorative space. Even the escalator hallway was bejeweled and Egyptian themed.

We did stop by the Tea Room for afternoon tea and dessert. Originally, I planned to go to the Dorchester for afternoon tea as per my friend's suggestion but I heard that it was 35 pounds per person.

For 15 pounds, we got a pot of English breakfast tea and 5 "fancies". My favorite was the Sticky Toffee Pudding. In the UK, they don't force you to pay tips to your waiters. Though this was great for my wallet since I ate out everyday, service was slower than what I'm used to.

I was so surprised when I found out they had a Laduree in Harrod's. I've been dying try their macaron for a long time, ever since I started my macaron phase. We bought 6 macarons with mostly tea, caramel, nut and fruit flavors. The store fixtures were just so cute and the macarons came in an adorable mint colored tube.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures but I snuck some anyway...

I finally completed my food mission of trying Laduree macarons! They were very flavorful, although a little drier than how I like them in Houston. But I guess they're the standard?

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