Sunday, May 5, 2013

London (Day 3) - Part II

Design Museum | Thames River | Globe Theater

Day 3 was so full of pictures that I had to split it between two posts! After the markets, we went to the Design Museum located by the Tower Bridge. We were on a time crunch getting from Brick Lane to the west side of the city.

The museum only had two floors - the first showcased the Design Winners of 2013 and the second had designs & the stories behind them.

After the museum, we rented bikes and rode along the Thames and the streets. Because we didn't know the biking rules in the city, riding on the streets was kind of dangerous with double decker buses driving inches away from my bike.
Globe Theater

St. Paul's Church
 We ended the day back at the eye where we ate at Giraffe and the Real Food Market.

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