Sunday, May 5, 2013

London (Day 3) - Part I

Old Spitalfields Market | Brick Lane Market

One great thing about staying in Stratford is that we're super close to the East London markets like Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields. The markets were a mixture of antiques, homemade "Etsy" products, clothing and food. It reminded me a lot of the lady streets in China that were booths after booths of fashion.  Except unlike the China, the "bargains" here were still pricy because of the conversion rate. I think everything in England is more expensive than America.

Old Spitalfields Market

I found a really cute handcut necklace booth! I purchases the necklace on the right for 18 pounds - kinda pricy!

Some of the products sold in the markets. I was tempted to buy the Jump from Paper bags.

We walked to Brick Lane from Old Spitafields - all the markets were within walking distance from each other. This section of East London really reminded me of Austin with its quirky fixtures and thrift stores.

Inside the Sunday Pop-up Market were stalls full of cheap, fresh and tasty food. By the way, I love being able to see and smell exactly what I'm getting. They had cuisine from around the world as if it were a culture fair or something. There was a long line at the Caribbean Soul Food stall and I ended up getting Jerk Chicken for 6 pounds - not bad! Luis who is from Venezuela came all the way to London to get Cachapas with meat. I don't blame him - it was so good!

Brick Lane

We passed by an art collective shop on Brick Lane where they had tons of indie jewelry! There were some designs I absolutely loved but alas, they were too expensive. I was on my way to find the Tatty Devine store.

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